Fix ‘Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch’ Error

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How To

In 2004, the best action role-playing game was released worldwide and quickly became a hit. Dragon Age was the game that received the most awards. This game was released in the Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 series.

Bioware’s great game Dragon Age is a fantastic game. This game is compatible with Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. Despite the fact that it is compatible with Windows, the game may not launch with Windows 10 for a variety of reasons.

How To

Running background services, missing game files, DirectX/VC Redlist, Administrative rights, Full-screen issues, and OS compatibility is the most prevalent. Trying to load the game if it isn’t working isn’t particularly reassuring. This problem may arise frequently if you are a frequent gamer.

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Understanding the “Won’t Launch” Error in Dragon Age Inquisition

Definition and Player Impact

When “Dragon Age Inquisition” doesn’t launch, it means that upon attempting to start the game, it either crashes immediately, fails to respond, or simply doesn’t start at all. This issue can be a major source of frustration for gamers eager to dive into the world of Thedas.

Technical Perspective

From a technical standpoint, this error indicates a failure in the game’s execution process. This could be due to software conflicts, hardware limitations, or corrupted game files, preventing the game from initializing properly.

Causes of the “Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch” Error

Compatibility Issues

One of the most common causes is compatibility issues. This includes running the game on unsupported operating systems or hardware that doesn’t meet the game’s minimum requirements.

Corrupted or Missing Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files can prevent “Dragon Age Inquisition” from launching. This can occur due to incomplete downloads or interruptions during the game’s installation.

Outdated Drivers

Outdated or corrupt graphics and sound drivers can also lead to launch failures, as these are crucial for the game’s performance.

Conflicts with Background Applications

Sometimes, other applications running in the background, particularly antivirus software, can interfere with the game’s launch process.

DirectX and VC Redist Issues

Incompatibilities with DirectX or Visual C++ Redistributable files, which are essential for running games on Windows, can cause launching problems.

Fix ‘Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch’ Error

Don’t worry, there are a number of simple solutions that we can apply to solve this issue.

Let’s have a look at the explanations and solutions listed below:

Solution 1: Always Perform a Clean Boot

We frequently use several applications at the same time. As a result, there’s a potential that the game’s failure to launch is due to background apps operating in the background.

It’s likely that one application’s interface will have an impact on another that utilizes the same interface. By restarting your computer, we can resolve the problem. This can be avoided by wearing clean footwear.

To do so, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Determine whether your PC has administrative capabilities, and then log in as an administrator.

Step 2: Type msconfig into the search bar on the desktop’s left bottom corner and press Enter.

Step 3: Next, go to services and uncheck the box labeled Hide all “Microsoft Services“.

Step 4: After that, select Disable all to disable all other services.

Step 5: When you’re finished, right-click on the taskbar. Then go to Task Manager and click on it.

Step 6: Go to the Startup tab and turn off all of the settings.

Step 7: Finally, restart your computer to see if the issue persists.

Solution 2: Use the Compatibility Mode to Play the Game

Some games will not work with the updated Windows versions. It is recommended that you start the game in Compatible mode. The following are the steps to play the game in compatible mode.

Step 1: Go to the location where your game was installed and open it. You can also select the open file location by right-clicking on the game icon.

Step 2: Right-click on the game icon and select Properties, then Compatibility Window.

Step 3: Select Run Compatibility Troubleshooter from the drop-down menu in that window. A dialogue window will appear.

Step 4: Select Try Recommended Settings and then Test from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Check to see if the program is running well. It runs, then applies the selected settings and closes the window.

Solution 3: Verify the Game Files

It’s possible that certain game files are missing or corrupted. As a result, the game may not be released. As a result, each file is critical to the game’s correct operation.

The application would not function properly even if there was a problem with a single file. As a result, we must investigate this problem and attempt to resolve it.

To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to the Origin Client program.

Step 2: On the left side of the dashboard, after you’ve created an account, there’s an option named Game Library. Select it by clicking on it.

Step 3: Locate Dragon Age in the Game Library and right-click it.

Step 4: Select Repair Game from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: The software will check for errors and verify all of your game files.

Step 6: It will then resolve the issue by obtaining the missing file.

Now see if the procedure works.

Solution 4: Ensure that Full-Screen Optimizations are Disabled

In general, the Windows operating system includes a full-screen optimization option to ensure seamless and dependable gameplay.

When activated, this is what prevents the game from starting. As a result, we must disable them.

Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Go to the location where your game was installed and open it. You can also select the open file location by right-clicking on the game icon.

Step 2: Right-click the game executable and select Properties.

Step 3: Go to the compatibility window by clicking on properties.

Step 4: Select Disable Full-Screen Optimizations from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Finally, click Apply to save your settings.

Solution 5: Give the Game Administrative Privileges

A game or other program has to be able to access the services it requires. However, due to different reasons, our PC may occasionally block access

As a result, we must attempt to offer administrative privileges for games in the manner outlined below.

Step 1: Go to your PC’s Game Installation folder. Select it with the right-click menu.

Step 2: Click on the Compatibility Window after selecting properties.

Step 3: In the Window  Check the box that says “Run as Administrator“.

Step 4: Finally, see if the problem still exists.

Right-click on the game executable in the game installation folder.

Solution 6: Install DirectX and VCredist again

DirectX and VCredist are two types of files found on a PC. These files are included in a folder with the game installation. These files could be corrupted, or cause each other to malfunction. To fix the problem, we’ll have to restore both files.

Follow the procedures to reinstall DirectX.

Step 1: Go to the desired place. to go to

In your File Explorer, navigate to C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesDragon Age Inquisition Installerdirectxredist.

Step 2: Run the DXsetup.exe file to update the previous versions and replace them with the new ones.

Follow the instructions below to reinstall VC Redist.

Step 1: Go to C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesDragon Age Inquisition Installervc and double-click it.

Step 2: Now you must launch all of the exe files contained in the folder.

Step 3: Restart your computer and see if the problem persists.

Solution 7: Verify if the Graphics Driver has been Updated

Another reason for the game’s failure to launch is a lack of graphics drivers. When playing Dragon Age, you must ensure that the system and all other files are up to date.

Follow the instructions to see if the Graphics Drivers have been updated.

Step 1: Open the control panel by clicking on it.

Step 2: Look for the option that contains the graphics card.

Step 3: We must now update them. As a result, press Windows+X at the same time.

Step 4: Next, browse the Device Manager menu and select the Display Directors adapters option.

Step 5: Finally, right-click on the newly shown screen to update the Graphics Drivers.

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These are some of the answers to the Dragon Age not launching issue. We must first identify the problem and then attempt to solve it using the approaches listed above. If you’ve tried all of the aforementioned procedures, the problem must be solved.

It’s a good idea to double-check that all of the Game’s files are safe and not corrupted, as this will lessen the chances of an issue occurring. If the situation persists, disable any antivirus software installed on your computer. Examine your computer’s specifications.


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