10 Best ‘URL Shortener’ of 2024


Today we are going to present the 10 best URL shorteners of 2024. URL shortener basically shorts the big URL. In fact, you get transferred to the same page with a short URL as with the previous long URL.

It makes it easy to type the URL in the web address and hence it is super convenient. So this place is perfect for knowing about the 10 best URL shorteners of 2024. Given below are budget friendly URL shorteners. You can choose any of them for your work.

URL Shortener

Hence keep reading ahead 10 best URL shorteners of 2024 for all details. The 10 best URL shorteners of 2024 given below are super easy to work with and hence suitable for you.

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10 Best URL Shortener of 2024

1. Bitly

Bitly can also be used for analytics and for doing management as well for your sites. Bitly is a wonderful URL shortener and it is basically super simple to work with. It allows you to create short and powerful links. Hence the user experience is automatically improved.

Bitly is free and also comes with premium plans. So you can use Bitly for creating short links for your website. Other details are given below.

  • No pixel tracking.
  • No AB testing.
  • Custom Domain is available.
  • Premium plan starts with $29 per month.

2. Linkly

Another software available for making short links is Linkly. It allows you to do smart redirects. You can easily know about 2000 clickers each month.

You can analyze and handle them as well. The perks of using Linkly is that it comes with many features along with creating short links.

These features include creating branded links, a custom URL shortener with your domain.

You can also track and find the total number of clicks, and pull data to google sheets from Linkly. Like above URL shortener, it is also free and also comes with premium plans.

  • No Pixel tracking.
  • Premium plans starring with $29 per month.
  • AB Testing is available.

3. ClickMeter

This URL shortener comes with many different features. Conversion rate of links is super high with ClickMeter. You can also locate different types of frauds, latency, blacklists, broken links, etc.

You can also target and analyze visitors for getting best rates of conversions. It is not free to use. Hence it is a paid URL shortener.

  • Starts with $29 to $349 per month.
  • Pixel tracking is not available.
  • Custom domain is available.
  • AB testing is available.

4. Pixelme

You can make a custom audience from almost every URL. Pixelme allows you to create branded links. You can track these links and you can share it too.

Your CTR also increases with links. The thing about Pixelme is that it comes with different prices. So you have to decide what package and at what price you want to use Pixelme. Other details are given below.

  • AB testing isn’t available.
  • Custom domain isn’t available.
  • Price starts with $24, $65, $124, $249 per month.
  • Pixel tracking is available.

5. SmartURL

This URL shortener is free and also comes with different premium plans too. It allows you to create super short links and also redirects by device and country as well.

In normal words, it allows redirects to visitors to country specific destinations. You can also add a brief description to the context.

  • AB testing is not available.
  • Pixel tracking is available.
  • Custom domain is available.
  • Premium plans price starts with $49 to $249 per month.

6. TinnyCC

This URL shortener is totally free of cost. You can use this URL shortener to create short and super simple links in no time. You can use more than one URL in one time.

So it is super effective and efficient. You can also make short links reports. It also supports you in installing SSL certificates for your shortening domain. Other details are given below.

  • Totally free of cost.
  • Pixel tracking is available.
  • Custom domain isn’t available.
  • AB testing isn’t available.

7. Clkim

It is a paid URL shortener with different plans. It helps you in making super simple and understandable short links. Hence your links clicks increase automatically.

There is a facility of automation tools that helps you in cutting short your content. Visitors are easily redirected to local destinations with the help of geo location.

  • Price starts with $10 to $100 each month.
  • No custom domain, AB testing, and pixel tracking is available.

8. t2mio

This URL shortener comes with different monthly price plans. It starts with a minimum of $5 per month. It is also a good option for creating short links.

You can print QR code, lingong access to URLs, etc. You can do social share with just one click.

Hence we can say that it has lots of latest features. It allows you to make short and branded links in an easy manner. Other details are given below.

  • Starts with $5 to $89 per month.
  • AB testking is not available.
  • Pixel tracking is not available.
  • Custom domain is available.

9. Short Url

This URL shortener is comfortable with many popular social media apps. It is totally free of cost and super flexible with different apps and devices. The URL shortening process is super simple.

All you have to do is cut and paste the long URL and just click on the short URL button. It is as simple as it sounds. This URL shortener uses data encryption and HTTP protocol.

As said earlier, it is totally suitable with devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers etc. Other details are given below.

  • Totally free of cost.
  • Pixel tracking, AB Testing, and custom domain aren’t available.

10. adf.ly

This URL shortener is totally free of cost and loaded with many features. One feature is that you actually get paid whenever someone visits your short links.

Hence it is a super interesting feature. You can easily make and share your shorts links. You can post these links on different social media apps also. Other details are given below.

  • Totally free of cost.
  • Custom domain, Pixel tracking, AB testing aren’t available.

Details About the URL Shortener:

What is a URL Shortener?


A URL shortener is an online tool that transforms long, cumbersome URLs into short, manageable links. This tool is essential for simplifying web addresses, making them easier to share, track, and manage.

Functionality and Purpose

URL shorteners work by redirecting a short URL to the original, longer URL. They serve various purposes, including enhancing link manageability, improving user experience, and facilitating the tracking of website traffic and engagement.

Key Features of URL Shorteners

Shortening and Simplifying Links

The primary function of a URL shortener is to convert long URLs into shorter versions, making them more user-friendly for sharing, especially on platforms with character limitations like Twitter.

Tracking and Analytics

Many URL shorteners offer tracking and analytical tools, allowing users to monitor the performance of their links, including click-through rates, geographic data of users, and referral sources.

Customization Options

Some URL shorteners provide customization options, enabling users to create branded or personalized short links that are more recognizable and trustworthy.

QR Code Generation

Several URL shortening services include the option to generate QR codes, further simplifying the sharing process in physical and digital mediums.

Benefits of Using a URL Shortener

Enhanced User Experience

Shortened URLs provide a cleaner, more concise way of sharing links, improving the overall user experience, particularly in social media and marketing communications.

Space Saving and Aesthetics

Short links save space, which is crucial for character-limited platforms and improves the aesthetic appeal of digital content.

Advanced Tracking and Insights

URL shorteners with tracking capabilities offer valuable insights into audience behavior, aiding in data-driven decision-making for businesses and marketers.

Increased Click-Through Rates

Shortened and customized URLs can lead to increased click-through rates, as they are more visually appealing and less intimidating than long, complex URLs.

Choosing the Right URL Shortener

Assessing Needs and Goals

Selecting the right URL shortener depends on individual or business needs, including desired features like tracking capabilities, link customization, and integration with other tools.

Consideration of Security and Reliability

Security is a crucial aspect, as shortened links can potentially be used for malicious purposes. Opting for a reputable and reliable URL shortener is essential to ensure user safety.

Understanding the Pricing Model

Some URL shorteners offer free basic services with premium features available at a cost. Understanding the pricing model is important for users who require advanced features.

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We have tried to present all 10 best URL shorteners of 2024 in a super simple way. These URL shorteners are easy to work with and hence we recommend the above URL shorteners to you.

The URL shorteners mentioned above are affordable and some are totally free of cost. I hope this article helps you in knowing about URL shortner in under stable way.


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